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Home Cooking Made Simple

Home Chef delivers everything you need to bring more delicious meals and moments to the table. Every day.


When I find a good product or service I feel it is my duty as a small business owner to share it with all my  followers. Shopping, prepping and cooking for my family of 6 is always time consuming, exhausting and honestly it hasn’t been much fun! I stumbled upon Home Chef with a credit on my first purchase. The rest is history!

I rely on them for my dinners. The recipes are SO easy to follow- pictures included, all ingredients are fresh and they come sealed in separate packages and all meals are put together for you.

( Exact box that was dropped off at my door by Fedex )


( Every meal is packaged individually with all ingredients needed on recipe card )

 ( Fresh produce always! I cannot buy this stuff fresh at my local stores sometimes )

( This recipe was for Ribeye Steak Burrito Bowl )


( The steak meat was the best we have ever had! ) 

( Burrito Bowls- Mine looked more like "Blobs" as the kids said, Hey I tried! I never said cooking was one of my strong points!)

( This was the final product! IT tasted AH-MAZING! )

( Obviously the kids didn't mind the shape of the bowls, they ate them anyways! )

**Side NOTE: My kids then proceeded to make a video review of their own and just like Me; They approved!

I absolutely love making these meals. I actually feel like I have somewhat control over some aspect of my life!

If you are thinking of trying this out, I have an incentive for you. Here is a referral link for you to get $30 off your first order! SAY WHAT?! YES.....  You're welcome. You can sign up, skip weeks, change your serving sizes and customize your meals based on your families needs & wants. NO HASSLE..All from the convenience of your phone or computer with their app.


Join static                        Select static                    Receive static                Cook


Here are some random pictures of my super adorable "Home Chef Assistant" assisting in some meal preps!

Claire Bears 


(French Onion Chicken)             (Black Bean Chili)                   (Pork Chop Parm)

Happy Cooking!

Martina & Family 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me by email or drop me a comment on this blog! Happy to answer any questions! 

Make Dinner Happen

Get dinner off your mind and onto your plate.

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  • Celeste Godoy on

    Looks amazing! I’ve been waiting to try a subscription like this because cooking and meal prepping are not my forté haha


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